Learn About Our ASWH

(Application Specific Wire Harnesses)

Corrosion Resistant

All electrical connections are completely covered and molded to protect against the harshest of conditions. All mating plugs use snap function when connecting. This ensures confidence in knowing your lights and wire harness are protected.

Time / Cost Saving

“ASWH” are made specifically for your application. No more cut here and splice there. You simply plug then go. These application specific wire harnessess save money in labor and in potential downtime from shorts. Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and provides the finest quality. Purchase “ASWH” knowing you are getting high quality product at the best prices in the industry.

Combine Vision LED Lights with ASWH and win!

By combining Vision LED lighting with ASWH you can have the confidence knowing that your connections will always be secure.

Sales Engineering

Vision LED will send out a sales engineer to help lay out the correct harness for your application. Call today for more information.